Our story

KittyCare is a new progressive brand for the highest quality litter and special products for cat hygiene and diet. We successfully presented it for the first time at the Interzoo International Fair in Nuremberg. It is a series of unique products that we have developed in cooperation with veterinarians and breeders.

KittyCare comes with a revolutionary way of caring that focuses not only on cats, but also on breeders. With its innovative products, unique benefits and philosophy based on breeding education, it aims to improve the quality of pet hygiene and, above all, to bring more comfort and leisure time to their owners. All this in the spirit of our slogan: "Caring for those who care".

Our natural bentonite has unique properties. It was formed on the basis of rhyolitic volcanism and is characterized by a high absorption capacity of both liquids and odors. It contains a solid zeolitic grid that guarantees minimal dust and friability and forms hard lumps after the cat's needs. In cat language, this will make cleaning much easier and save you time.

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