Zuii premium pet food? That's serious meat

Are you interested in what you serve your family for dinner on a plate? In that case, don't forget about your beast either. A portion of juicy meat will be enjoyed by every domestic tiger!
Zuii premium pet food? That's serious meat

A bowl full of protein

A cat is a carnivore. Therefore, it is important that her diet consists mainly of meat. Lower quality feeds contain fillers such as soy, bone meal, grains and sugars. Real meat is represented in them only in a very small amount. KittyCare/Zuii premium food is the exact opposite. The preserves are literally stuffed with meat. Like real beast prey!

Real meat

But meat is not like meat. Even between meat feeds there are big differences. Often, the name 100% meat also hides meat parts, i.e. the remains of bones or skin.

KittyCare/Zuii high value food, on the other hand, contains only pure muscle. In each portion, you will serve your pet only the best meat.

For the palate

A well-cared-for domestic cat can be quite sweet. That is why we have prepared three variants of premium feed with 100% meat content. Is there a chicken, beef or salmon menu? KittyCare/Zuii first-class meat comes from proven farms, so you can always be sure that you are feeding your cat the highest possible quality.

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