Help! My cat walks around the litter in an arc.

Help! My cat walks around the litter in an arc.

Clean up please!
Cats are personalities. And some of them are a little extra weird. It is possible that your cat refuses to use the toilet twice in a row. For most cats, cleaning their litter box once a day is sufficient. But there is also the option that you have a cat fee at home and run around with a shovel. Have you thought about buying a second toilet?

I don't like it here
Have you placed the cat litter box in a really suitable place? Quite possibly the checkerboard would disagree with you. A busy part of the apartment, a place near the food bowl or a transfer from the original place to another. You could have irritated the cat with all this, and now she is showing it to you in an unattractive way.

That's what you deserve
The cat is healthy, the toilet is clean and in a popular place. And yet you find gifts all over the apartment! Is the cat doing this on purpose? A bit. You may have unknowingly touched her by moving house, getting another pet or just moving her favorite sofa. What is a minor issue for you may be a major problem for the cat.

I prefer another brand
What a cat, that's an opinion. Some prefer coarser litter, others tolerate finer litter. Yes, you have a demanding pet at home. Therefore, it is appropriate to choose a compromise between what suits you and what your cat would like. That's why we offer two types of KittyCare cat litter that meet the specific needs of feline pets and their owners. Try which one will work for you!

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