5 design accessories for the apartment. Cat-approved!

5 design accessories for the apartment. Cat-approved!

Have you fine-tuned the modern design of your home in detail and are you wondering how to turn it into a happy home for your feline lover? Manufacturers of needs and accessories for cats have heard our pleas, so we no longer have to make any compromises. Today, cat furniture and accessories are functional and aesthetic at the same time!

Rest in style
How many naps does your cat take during the day? Believe me, he sleeps at least 15 hours a day. So getting her a designer lounger seems like a good investment. The simpler ones are made of felt or cardboard. More demanding pets will take a nap in an elegant bed made of wood, which will match the interior of the apartment.

Grinding claws
If your cat only lives in an apartment and does not grind its claws against trees, you cannot avoid buying a scratching post. But the boring posts wrapped in rope have rung their bells! Do you enjoy the work of world designers? So enjoy the work of James Owen. His Leo scratching post is made of laminated wood with a polished metal base. A joy to behold!

Like from the future
Cat toilets have been crying out for the intervention of a clever designer for years! Cats and their owners no longer have to be ashamed of futuristic toilets. In addition, most of them do not match just the eye. They are more practical for cleaning and contain odor-absorbing filters or perfumed parts.

Spread out
Let's face it. A cat is more interested in the contents than the appearance of its bowl. But her modern tableware will surely interest you. The combination of shaped wood and white porcelain is stylishly clean. A bowl made of real stone is the solution for all four-legged water dispensers.

Anger allowed
We have come a long way since the days of paper on a string. Today's cat toys are significantly more sophisticated and fit into the stylish interiors of our homes. Created by Studio Neat, Obi is a smart laser toy that you control and control with your iPhone.

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